Triango Slovenske tance

Triango Plays Slovak Dances (and fujara choruses)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014, 7:30 PM, BHS – Bratislava Music Festival
Concert Hall of SPh,
Price: 20, 16, 12 €
Peter Breiner, piano
Stano Palúch, violin
Boris Lenko, accordion
Milan Rendoš, as a guest, fujara, gajdica, pipes, mouth organ, Jew’s harp
Triango is a unique project of the well-known Slovak pianist, composer and conductor Peter Breiner, jazz violinist Stano Palúch and versatile accordion player Boris Lenko. An impressive blend of tango and jazz improvisations results from a detailed research and creativity by which Triango enriches classic pieces of De Caro brothers, Villoldo, Gobbi and Piazzolla. Triango brings also its own musical ideas, always remembering that an essence of tango consists in passion, nostalgia and melancholy. The latest Triango musical project Slovak Dances focuses on jazz arrangements of Slovak folk songs.