Auditions for the position 1st Tenor and 2nd Bass Singer

Giuseppe Verdi Messa da Requiem 20210929 foto © Alexander Trizuljak

Slovak Philharmonic CEO announces auditions for the Slovak Philharmonic Choir:

1st Tenor Singer
2nd Bass Singer

Base salary € 1 020 – 1 250 (Due to Contestant’s Professional Experience).

Auditions will be held on November 16th2022 (Wednesday), 2.00 PM, at the Slovak Philharmonic Choir Rehearsal Room, Medená 3, 816 01 Bratislava.

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Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra Auditions – 1st violin

SF Vyber sláčikových nástrojov © Photo A. Trizuljak_6

CEO of the Slovak Philharmonic announces auditions for the position:

– tutti player in the group of 1st violin

Base salary € 1 200 – 1 440 (Due to Contestant’s Professional Experience)

Auditions will be held at the Slovak Philharmonic Concert Hall, Medená 3, 816 01 Bratislava.

on December 7th, 2022 (Wednesday) at 2:30 PM

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