Slovak Philharmonic Choir

Slovenský filharmonický zbor 2015-2016 foto-19-11-2015-Jan-Lukas

is a prominent representative of the Slovak art of professional choir singing. It entered the music scene in 1946 as the Mixed Choir of Czechoslovak Radio. For the first years, it was led by its founder, conductor Ladislav Slovák. In 1957 the choir was incorporated into the group of Slovak Philharmonic ensembles. Several important personalities (J. M. Dobrodinský, Š. Klimo, P. Procházka, M. Vach, J. Rozehnal, B. Juhaňáková, J. Chabroň) took over the post of choirmasters. From the 2023/2024 season, the Slovak Philharmonic Choir will be led by choirmaster Jan Rozehnal.

The sophistication of expression, the sound balance of vocal groups, as well as interpretive readiness, reliability and exemplary artistic discipline are reflected in sovereign performances, which have been appreciated by many renowned conductors as C. Abbado, S. Baudo, S. Byčkov, J. Conlon, Ch. von Dohnányi, V. Fedosejev, J. Ferencsik, D. Gatti, P. Halffter, R. Chailly, D. Kitajenko, L. Maazel, Z. Mehta, F. Welser-Möst, A. Pedrotti, K. Richter, E. Pekka-Salonen, P. Schreier, V. Talich, E. Villaume, R. Weikert, K. Petrenko and others.

The choir has collaborated with prestigious foreign orchestras such as the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonic, the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, the Israel Philharmonic, and the Orchestere de Paris. Its rich discography includes recordings for Slovak and foreign television and radio stations, as well as for renowned recording companies, such as Opus, Supraphon, Deutsche Grammophon, Hungaroton, Sony, Marco Polo, Naxos, Nuova Era, Decca, etc. The Slovak Philharmonic Choir received the international award Oper! Awards 2023 in the Best Choir category for the collaboration in the opera production Queen of Spades with the Berlin Philharmonic and K. Petrenko at the Easter Festival in Baden-Baden, Germany and concerts at the Berlin Philharmonic (2022).

In the 2022/2023 the Slovak Philharmonic Choir performed on concert stages in Germany, Turkey, and the Czech Republic. In the 2023/2024 it has upcoming collaborations with the Olomouc Philharmonic (L. Svárovský) and the Brno Philharmonic (D. Russel Davies) in the Czech Republic. Additionally, it will be participating in a new production of „Le Grand Macabre“ at the Vienna State Opera (P. Heras-Casado) to commemorate the 100th anniversary of G. Ligeti’s birth. In Slovakia, the Choir will showcase its talent at domestic festivals in Košice (R. Jindra) and Piešťany (T. Lang).