The Slovak Philharmonic Friends Club

The Slovak Philharmonic Friends Club is a place where people whose mutual love is music, come together. Its members are not only supporters of our supreme institute of music, the Slovak Philharmonic, but are also interested in other musical events at home and abroad. The main activities of the Club are personal meetings with important representatives of musical life in Slovakia. At discussions with composers, performers, editors of music broadcasts and musicologists, members of the Club have the unique opportunity to learn about interesting stories from their personal and professional lives, which can not be found in any publications or program bulletins. Their opinions of compositions, their creation and interpretation, together with a multitude of other factors that result in an unforgettable concert experience, are immensely enlightening and educational and expand the knowledge of the Club members.
The Club enjoys the support of the Management of the Slovak Philharmonic. Meetings are held in the building of the SPh and members have certain advantages when buying tickets to Slovak Philharmonic concerts. Club membership is renewed each year at the first two meetings of the Club in the new concert season. The Club meets once a month between 16:30 and 18:00. The date of the actual meeting and the program of the meeting is indicated on posters at the box office of the SPh and on the website of the SPh a week before the meeting. Information about the date of the Club meeting can also be obtained at phone number 02/20792104.

RNDr. Vavrinec Szathmáry, CSc.
Chairman of the Slovak Philharmonic Friends Club
tel. 00421/2/2079 2104