Slovenský komorný orchester

Albinoni J. S. Bach Vivaldi

Sunday, December 10, 2023, 4:00 PM, SKO Cycle: Slovak Chamber Orchestra
Concert Hall of SPh,
Price: 16 €
Slovak Chamber Orchestra
Ewald Danel artistic leader, violin
Judit Izsák harpsichord
Tomaso Albinoni Adagio in G minor
Johann Sebastian Bach
Keyboard Concerto No. 5 in F minor, BWV1056
Atonio Vivaldi Violin Concerto in E major Spring, RV269
Violin Concerto in G minor Summer, RV315
Violin Concerto in F Major Autumn, RV293
Violin Concerto in F minor Winter, RV 297

The development of keyboard instruments was on the rise in the Baroque period. Johann Sebastian Bach, creator of numerous opuses for organ, harpsichord and “well-tempered” piano, responded to this by writing solo concertos for harpsichord. His seven pioneering opuses are among the world’s first keyboard concertos. Natural phenomena, including the alternation of the four seasons, are a favorite source of inspiration for composers. Antonio Vivaldi’s cycle of four violin concertos is literally a classical music hit. The improvement of the instrument enabled the flourishing of the violin concerto in its form, scope, and content during the Italian Baroque period. Vivaldi added his own sonnets to the mood of the music which describe the character of the individual parts in detail: “Shivering people shiver in the freezing snow, fight the icy gale, trample here and there from the winter, gnash their teeth in the biting frost.”

Violinist Ewald Danel has been the artistic director of the Slovak Chamber Orchestra since 2001. The orchestra plays a significant role in presenting Slovak music. The harpsichordist Judit Izsák also appears at concerts with this orchestra more frequently.