SH1 Il Cuore Barocco

Telemann Händel

Tuesday, January 30, 2024, 7:00 PM, SH Early Music
Small Hall of SP,
Price: 12 €
Il Cuore Barocco
Peter Zelenka
artisitic leader
Mária Posch 
baroque flute
Peter Zelenka
, Adam Szendrei baroque violin
Júlia Urdová 
baroque viola
Michal Raitmajer 
baroque cello
Matyáš Berdych 
double bass
Martin Gedeon 
Jakub Mitrík 
Michaela Kušteková
Georg Philipp Telemann Ouverture-Suite in E minor, TWV 55:e10
Georg Friedrich Händel Agrippina condotta a morire, HWV 110
Concerto Grosso in G major, Op.3 No.3, HWV 314

Georg Friedrich Händel arrived in Italy as a German but left with a mastery of the Italian musical language. This Italian influence was reflected in his work throughout the rest of his life. His Italian cantatas are essentially the germ of the opera scene, they are a repository of musical and dramatic ideas. He composed the cantata Agrippina condotta a morire in 1707/1708 and it was performed for the first time in the palace of Cardinal Ruspoli in Rome. The way Handel portrayed the extremely contrasting emotions of a mother condemned to death by her own son makes this cantata truly a 
masterpiece. A performance brimming with virtuoso passages for flute a violin characterizes the third Concerto Grosso from Opus No. 3. In an attempt to build on the commercial success of Corelli’s concertos, John Walsh published it without Handel’s awareness. The Il Cuore Barocco ensemble specializes in presenting the works of Baroque and Classicist masters in their authentic, historical form. It consists of younger musicians, graduates of the Musica Aeterna and Solamente naturali ensembles. The emotional cantata will be performed by Michaela Kušteková, a soloist from the Banská Bystrica State Opera, known for her inclination to interpret the works of the old masters.