Peter Zajíček

Musica Aeterna

Tuesday, November 29, 2016, 7:00 PM, BHS – Bratislava Music Festival, Musica aeterna
Column Hall of SPh,
Price: 20 €
Musica aeterna
Peter Zajíček artistic leader 
The Czech Ensemble Baroque Choir
Tereza Válková artistic leader
Samuel Capricornus  Jubilus Bernhardi, 24 sacred concertos – a selection

Samuel Capricornus (1628–1665) is one of the most important composers who were active on the territory of Slovakia in the past. Despite the fact that he lived only 37 years, he left a huge number of pieces of an outstanding artistic value. A considerable part of his “Bratislava creation” is located in the collections in Nuremberg and Stuttgart.
The Latin text which inspired Capricornus to compose his work Jubilus Bernhardi, 24 sacred concertos, published in 1660 for the first time, comes from the 12th century.