Jordana Palovičová, Jakub Čižmarovič

Concert Featuring the Works by Slovak Composers for piano solo and for 2 pianos

Sunday, October 1, 2023, 4:00 PM, BHS – Bratislava Music Festival
Small Hall of SP,
Price: 16 €


Jordana Palovičovápiano
Jakub Čižmarovičpiano


Peter Machajdík – Ask the Forest
Ľuboš Bernáth – Allegro giocoso for paino and two bongos

Eugen Suchoň – Intermezzos ESD 89/5a from the Kaleidoscope cycle
Dušan Martinček – Dedications
Dezider Kardoš – Three Pieces for two pianos
Jevgenij Iršai – Dark side of contemplation for two pianos     p r e m i e r e
Ján Cikker
– Slovak Suite, Op. 22

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The festival tradition to present chamber works for individual musical instruments continues with the concert featuring the works by Slovak composers, the piano being the instrument we are focused on this year. Jordana Palovičová and Jakub Čižmarovič are the recital soloists, distinctive personalities and artistically and pedagogically related performers, paying tribute to the exponents of the Slovak modernism: Eugen Suchoň, Ján Cikker and Dezider Kardoš. They will also remind us of the musical heritage of the following generation with the works by Dušan Martinček, Ľuboš Bernáth and Peter Machajdík. Dark Side of Contemplation by Evgeny Irshai was written specially for the festival stage and will sound in its premiere.

Jordana Palovičová

Jordana Palovičová

Jakub Čižmarovič

Jakub Čižmarovič photo Alexander Trizuljak