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Project No SK0126


„Restoration works in interiors and exteriors of REDUTA in Bratislava


The Slovak Philharmonic


The press conference – the opening ceremony of project

The press conference on the opening ceremony of project took place on 25 January 2010. Mr. Marian Lapšanský, general director of the Slovak Philharmonic, Mrs. Trime Skymoen – the Ambassadress of the Kingdom of Norway in SR, representatives of the Office of the Government of SR, representatives of realization and other guests took place in the ceremony. The result of realized restoration project will include the restored elements in the Reduta building in Bratislava.
Mr.Lapšansky has introduced the press conference about the project. Y.E. Mrs.Trine Skymoenk has made a speech on the grant support by the Kingdom of Norway. Mrs.Maxianova has informed about the restoration works included in the grant- restoration to original state – for ex. of windows, doors, wooden elements, metal lamps, railings, historic lift and stucco decorations. Three TV crews and many journalists have participated in the press conference.
The function of restoration works is conservation and complete renovation of artistic and art-craftsmanship parts and details of the object exterior and interior. The result of the whole process, after its completion, should be a building in all respects capable to represent with dignity cultural, musical and social life of Slovakia.


Construction works for Reconstruction of Reduta, funded by the Norwegian fund: