Sonata Evening – Vadim Repin



Vadim Repin – violin
Andrej Korobeinikov – piano


Claude Debussy – Violin Sonata L. 140
Sergey Prokofiev – Violin Sonata No. 1 in F Minor, Op. 80
Ludwig van Beethoven – Violin Sonata No. 9 in A Major, ‘Kreutzer’, Op. 47

Music is the native language of this violinist – he captivates and wins hearts of the audience by his virtuoso playing, inexhaustible expressiveness, unbelievable timbre nuances, virtuoso technique, temper and tenderness… The child prodigy coming from Siberia met with violin when he was five. When seventeen-year-old, VadimRepin won the prestigious violin Queen Elisabeth Competition in Bruxelles. Today he belongs to absolute world elite. Vadim Repin plays the Guarneri del Gesù ‘Bonjour’ instrument from 1743. Russian pianist Andrei Korobeinikov will present himself for the first time in Slovakia. Due to his talent and intellect he is often compared to another phenomenal artist – Evgeny Kissin. Having graduated from the faculty of law he also confirmed his other excellent qualities. His other passion is composing.

Andrei Korobeinikov

Andrei Korobeinikov