Sonata Evening – Juraj Tomka – violin



Juraj Tomka – violin
Maroš Klátik – piano


Hans von Kößler – Violin Sonata in E Minor
Ernst Dohnányi – Violin Sonata in C Sharp Minor, Op. 21
Béla Bartók – Violin Sonata in E Minor, Sz. 20

Juraj Tomka is an outstanding performer of now emerging generation of Slovak string players. He will perform three Late Romantic violin sonatas at his violin recital. The author of the first one is a German composer Hans Kößler, the founder of the Hungarian compositional school in Budapest. The two other pieces were written by his pupils who had entered his class after the graduation from the Bratislava Royal Hungarian Catholic Grammar School – Ernst Dohnányi and Béla Bartók.

Maroš Klátik

Maroš Klátik