Piano Recital – Ladislav Fanzowitz



Ladislav Fanzowitz – piano


Ernst Dohnányi – Three Pieces for Piano, Op. 23
Ernst Dohnányi – Rulalia Hungarica, Op. 32
Ernst Dohnányi – Passacaglia, Op. 6
Leopold Godowsky – Passacaglia

The name of Bratislava pianist Ladislav Fanzowitz is known today not only to lovers of classical music but also to devotees of historical jazz. Fanzowitz engages in the study and recording of the work of Bratislava native, composer and virtuoso Ernst Dohnányi and he has been recording it gradually on CDs. Today Dohnányi’s pieces will be joined by a monumental Passacaglia on the theme of Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony by Leopold Godowsky.