10th Johann Nepomuk Hummel International Piano Competition

Member of the World Federation of International Music Competition


and the Alink – Argerich Foundation


Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic
Bratislava, Slovak Republic
September 6th – 12th, 2021

Slovak Philharmonic

Prof. Marian Lapšanský

Slovak Philharmonic
Johann Nepomuk Hummel International Piano Competition
Markéta Štefková
Medená 3, 816 01 Bratislava
Phone: + (421) 905 662165, Fax.: + (421) 2 20475 256
e-mail: marketa.stefkova@filharmonia.sk


Johann Nepomuk Hummel (1778–1837), a native of Bratislava, was considered one of the greatests composers and pianists during his life. He studied with Mozart, Albrechtsberger, Salieri and Haydn. As a composer Hummel bridges two epochs. His output comprises almost all significant music genres of the turn of the 19th century (excluding symphony). He excelled most of all in the realm of virtuoso piano music. From the stylistic point of view Hummel unites elements of Late Classicism (being considered its most important representative in his time) with many Early Romantic elements. Thus Hummel is an exponent of the style which follows the legacy of Clementi, Mozart and Beethoven, simultaneously adumbrating Schubert, Mendelssohn, Chopin, young Liszt and Schumann.

The Johann Nepomuk Hummel International Piano Competition aims at helping the active cultivation of the legacy of this great composer and piano virtuoso. Simultaneously the organizers hope to help young remarkable pianists to start a concert career.


  1. Pianists of all nationalities born after September 6th 1989 are welcome to take part in the competition.
  2. The filled-in application form should be sent no later than on May 31st 2021
    a) in an electronic form, with an attached document confirming the enrolment fee payment and a photo of the applicant in a .jpg, .tiff or .png file, 300 dpi with the dimensions of the picture being 10 x 15 cm, to the address marketa.stefkova@filharmonia.sk
    b) simultaneously in a physical form, by mail (the date of the postal stamp is decisive) with a signature of the applicant and a copy of the document confirming the enrolment fee payment to the address
    Slovak Philharmonic,
    J. N. Hummel International Piano Competition,
    Markéta Štefková,
    Medená 3, 
    816 01 Bratislava
  3. Please send a copy of the confirmation of the payment of the enrolment fee € 80 to the bank account of:
    Slovak Philharmonic
    Medená 3, 816 01 Bratislava
    Slovak Republic
    The name and address of the bank:
    Radlinského 32,
     810 05 Bratislava,
    Slovak Republic
    IBAN: SK95 8180 0000 0070 0007 0107
    Variable symbol: date of birth (ddmmyyyy)
    The banking fees related to the transfer of the enrolment fee shall be paid by the candidate. Otherwise the application will be disregarded.
  4. The date of the arrival at the competition is  September 5th in the afternoon, the date of departure on 13th September 2021 in the morning.
  5. Before the competition is opened the applicants will be asked to prove their identity and age.
  6. The order of the competitors will be decided by lots on 5th September 2021 at 6 p.m.
    In the absence of the competitor an official of the Competition Secretary draws lots on his/her behalf.
  7. The Competition will proceed in three rounds.
  8. The repertory provided in the application form is obligatory.
  9. The whole programme – excluding Hummel’s Trio – should be played by heart.
    In the case the first round has an excessively high number of participants the jury is authorised to shorten the programme of the first round.
  10. For the 10th year of the J. N. Hummel International Piano Competition the following prizes are announced:
    1st prize Eur 6.000 (including three concerts in the Slovak Republic),
    2nd prize Eur 4.000,
    3rd prize Eur 2.000.
    The awarded holders of main prizes will be simultaneously conferred the title of the laureate of the competition.
    The jury is approved to award also other special prizes.
  11. The result will be publicly announced after the final of the competition on September 12th 2021 at the awards ceremony. 
    The decision of the jury is conclusive.
  12. The jury has a right not to award a prize or combine prizes except the 1st prize, which is indivisible.
  13. The competitor agrees to his/her performances being recorded by radio and television and streamed on the internet.
    The records may be used for the promotion of the competition and its laureates on a non-commercial basis.
  14. The competition performances are not anonymous, and they are accessible to the public.
  15. The competitors are entitled to ask the Competition Office for the reservation of the accommodation.


1st round of the competition
a) a sonata by W. A. Mozart
b) an etude by J. N. Hummel
c) an etude by F. Chopin from his Op. 10 (excluding the Nos. 3 and 6) or from Op. 25 (excluding No. 7)
d) an etude by F. Liszt, A. N. Scriabin, S. Rachmaninoff or C. Debussy
Time limit for the 1st round: 25 minutes

2nd round of the competition
A recital consisting of works of at least two style periods, including a significant work from the era of Romanticism. No piece from the first round should be repeated.
Time limit for the 2nd round: – min. 50, max. 60 minutes

3rd round of the competition
a) one piece selected from J. N. Hummel’s following piano trios:
in F major Op. 22, in G major Op. 35, in E major Op. 83, in E flat major Op. 96

b) one piece selected from the following piano concertos:
W. A. Mozart: No. 24 in C minor KV 491, No. 25 in C major KV 503, No. 26 in D major 537, No. 27 in B flat major KV 595
L. van Beethoven: No. 1 in C major Op. 15, No. 3 in C minor Op. 37, No. 4 in G major Op. 58
J. N. Hummel: No. 2 in A minor Op. 85
F. Chopin: No. 2 in F minor Op. 21


Pavel Gililov

Eugen Indjić
Martin Kasík
Czech Republic
Daejin Kim
South Korea
Marian Lapšanský
Slovak Republic
Torleif Torgersen
Marcel Štefko
Slovak Republic

Download here [PDF]:
Application Form