SKO 2006/2007

Wednesday, April 18, 2007, 4:00 PM, SKO Cycle: Slovak Chamber Orchestra
Small Hall of SP,

Merry and Seriously – Works of the Slovak and Czech Composers


Slovak Chamber Orchestra B. Warchal

Ewald Danel, artistic leader / violin           

Ján Matejovič                                     

Sinfonia á 3 in A major


Ivan Valenta                                       

Menuets from Uhrovec, selection


Peter Machajdík                                  

Lasea for Strings (2000)


Marek Brezovský                                

Miniature for Strings (1991)


Jan Václav Stamic                              

Symphony in B flat major


Iša Krejčí                                           

Little Suite for Strings (1967)


Oldřich Flosman                                  

Variations on an Old French Song for Strings (1977)