Slovenský komorný orchester, foto: Peter Brenkus

Corelli Petrík Suk

Sunday, December 11, 2022, 4:00 PM, SKO Cycle: Slovak Chamber Orchestra
Small Hall of SP,
Price: 11 €
Slovak Chamber Orchestra
Ewald Danel
artistic leader
Arcangello Corelli
Martin Petrík
Josef Suk
Concerto grosso Op. 6 No. 4 in D major
Concerto grosso No. 2 (first performance)
Serenade for String Orchestra in E flat major, Op. 6

Concerto grosso, a popular baroque type of concerto, will be heard twice, while we will first encounter the original type of this musical composition. Baroque master Arcangelo Corelli in his Opus No. 6 put together twelve concertos, in which a small group of solo instruments (concertino) traditionally alternates with the rest of the string ensemble with continuo. Perhaps the composition of violist Martin Petrík will convince us of the functionality and timeliness of the concerto grosso, which was in the Baroque period replaced by the solo concert type. The beginning of the composer’s young love for his teacher’s daughter is written in the light tones of Josef Suk‘s Serenade.
The Slovak Chamber Orchestra will perform under the leadership of its artistic leader Ewald Danel, who has held this post for more than two decades.