Schola Minor – foto Dušan Michalka

Advent Concert

Sunday, December 4, 2022, 7:00 PM, SH Early Music, Events
Small Hall of SP,
Price: 10 €
Schola minor
Sylvia Urdová artistic leader, singer
Hilda Gulyásová soprano
Eva Šušková mezzosoprano
Tomáš Šelc bassbaritone
Mária Páleníková singer
Júlia Urdová 
8th – 15th Ages Medieval Chants
Jevgenij Iršai Ich bin, ich weiß nicht wer (first performance)
Come away (first performance)
На старовинних iконах (first performance)
Gott ist ja nichts als gut (first performance)

The transformation of musical thinking in terms of harmonic, melodic and rhythmic aspects will undoubtedly be noticeable throughout the concert evening, in which medieval and contemporary vocal compositions will stand opposite each other. Two works by Jevgenij Iršai are textually inspired by the medieval poet Angelus Silesius. In another composition, Iršai uses the texts of the Irish playwright and poet William Butler Yeats. Ancient icons will be reflected in the text of the Ukrainian writer Boris Khersonsky.
Conductor Sylvia Urdová, who studied Gregorian chant at the University of Vienna, leads the vocal ensemble Schola Minor. The group specializes in performing Gregorian chant according to traditional principles and stylistic schools.