Slovenská klavírna tvorba

Slovak Piano Music

Saturday, October 7, 2017, 4:00 PM, BHS – Bratislava Music Festival
Small Hall of SP,
Price: 12 €
Peter Šándor, Samuel Michalec, Eduard Lenner, Peter Nágel,
Norbert Daniš
and Klára Varsamisová
Alexander Albrecht
Ivan Hrušovský
Milan Novák
Juraj Hatrík
Sonata in F major for piano
Fantasie, Introduction and Fugue in Ancient Style for piano four hands
Piano Suite No. 1
Little Suite for Piano
Hanuš Domanský Dithyrambs

This evening presenting the Slovak piano music brings works by significant representatives of our modern music culture. Due to his orientation on music of important European composers from the turn of the 20th century Alexander Albrecht stood in the shadow of his generation peers for a long time, who – in harmony with the period aesthetics – worked mostly with the Slovak folk music inspirations. While searching for their compositional identity the contemporaries Ivan Hrušovský and Milan Novák faced the aesthetics of Neoclassicism as a style returning to musical forms and stylistic characteristics of past epochs. Hanuš Domanský and Juraj Hatrík belong to the generation of the so-called avant-garde which appeared in the musical life in the 1970s and dealt mostly with the work of West-European composers, but finally both let themselves be inspired mostly by the classics of European music of the first half of the 20th century.
This concert continues the projects presenting the Slovak piano music (BMF 2015) and Slovak chamber music (BMF 2016) which met with positive response of the listeners.