‘Magnum mysterium’ – Slovak Philharmonic Choir



Slovak Philharmonic Choir
Blanka Juhaňáková – conductor

Katarína Sroková Kubovičová – alto
Pavol Oravec – tenor
Ján Kiss – bass
Marek Štrbák – organ


Tomas Luis de Victoria, Luca Marenzio, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, William Byrd, Morten Lauridsen, Vytautas Miškinis, Juraj Hatrík, Jānis Ivanovs, Randall Thompson, Urmas Sisask, Franz Biebl, Javier Busto, Moses Hogan, Jonathan Willcocks, Mack Wilberg

O Magnum Mysterium’ – these Latin words reflecting the ‘Great Mystery’ of the birth of Jesus Christ are a symbolic motto of a nontraditional choral concert. This great event has influenced not only the history of the mankind, church, but also the history of music. Spiritual enigmas implanted in ancient prayers unsettled the creative souls of great masters of art or music. They became and still become the model of unique miniatures or monumental opuses. Many let themselves be inspired by famous prayers Ave Maria, Pater Noster or by simple psalms from the Bible. This peculiar a cappella concert of the Slovak Philharmonic Choir presents the jewels of both ancient and contemporary world choral literature emblazoned by philosophical mysteries in a magic arch extending from Renaissance through Baroque to our presence.

Blanka Juhaňáková

Blanka Juhaňáková